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Questions?  Click here to contact us, or call us at (303) 839-5538.

Criminal Defense

Federal / State:  We represent clients in a variety of criminal cases, including all major felonies, multiple-defendant drug conspiracies, all misdemeanor charges (including DUI), traffic and municipal charges, and administrative hearing (such as driving or business license revocations).

Step one should always be a phone call to your lawyer.  Do not take any action or make any deals until you have representation.  We will quickly step in to protect your rights.

Civil Litigation

We represent clients through all types of civil litigations and dispute resolution processes.  The non-criminal cases we handle come in every shape and size, including:

Accidents & Personal Injury

Personal injury litigation means making sure that the person who causes the harm takes responsibility for their actions.  Whether you are pursuing justice, or looking for the “big cash settlement”, our office provides the competent, professional service you deserve.

Contract & Commercial

J. Michael Dowling serves as counsel for large corporations and small “mom-and-pop” businesses.  Whatever your business concerns, our office is ready to take them on.

Bankruptcy Litigation

In bankruptcy cases, everyone loses.  An expert attorney is the key to ensuring your interests are protected.  Our office's extensive experience will lead to the successful resolution of your bankruptcy.

. . . and much more!

Our office practices in every legal area.  Whether your needs are big or small, we will provide the representation and service that you expect from a big downtown firm without big downtown fees.

Questions?  Click here to contact us, or call us at (303) 839-5538.

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