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Dowling & Associates

With more than three decades of litigation experience and a history of safe and satisfied clients, J. Michael Dowling & Associates, P.C. has as much to offer as any firm in Denver, with a unique personal touch.


J. Michael Dowling has practiced law in New York and Colorado for more than thirty-five years.  In that time, a long-term commitment to client welfare and solid, professional representation has created a solid practice.

J. Michael Dowling & Associates, P.C. provides a level of service equal to the largest firms in Denver, without the exorbitant fees, believing not only in the merits of a competent, efficient staff, but also a wider base of specialist, on call to serve as needed in each unique case.  As such, Dowling & Associates can guarantee the best representation possible and a continuing devotion to the best interests of every client.

In Colorado, Michael’s practice expanded to include, in addition to the full gamut of criminal practice, other forms of representation, such as contract, personal injury, commercial litigation, bankruptcy, and a range of appellate areas.  He now serves as General Counsel for Boyer Coffee Company, one of the state’s most rapidly expanding restaurant suppliers and sits on the Board of Directors of the Small Business Finance Corporation, a financial support subsidiary of the Small Business Administration.

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B.A. – Iona College (with Honors), 1964

J.D. – St. John’s University (with Honors), 1967

Admitted to Practice

New York State Bar (1967)

Colorado Bar (1977)

Colorado Supreme Court (1977)

United States District Court (1984)

United States Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals (1984)


Denver Bar Association (1979)

Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (1984)

Colorado Criminal Justice Act Panel (1990)

American Trial Lawyers Association (1999)

Questions?  Click here to contact us, or call us at (303) 839-5538.

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